New and Redesigned CeleriumMind

New and Redesigned CeleriumMind

New and Redesigned CeleriumMind


Welcome back to the new and redesigned CeleriumMind:

     Over the past few months CeleriumMind has become somewhat of a stale site. It has been a very difficult time in my life and I was not posting as many articles as I should have been. So I decided that after 6 years it was time for me to start fresh with this site. I’ve started a complete redesign from the ground up: New theme, updated database, increased page loading times, SSL and much more.

     One of the more challenging things with this fresh start, will be the import of a few hundred posts I have written over the years. Though importing all of these posts back, is going to take a long time due to the complete database rebuild. My hosting provider did not offer a way for me to upgrade my old Mysql 4 database to 5+. So due to this issue I have to manually add in each post. (YAAA!!!)

     Over the next few weeks I will be adding more and more content to this site to bring it back into full swing.Thank you to all that have offered support over the years and be feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the site.

Thank you


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