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Belkin WeMo Maker Hardware Review



The WeMo Makers integration with wireless network is incredibly simple to say the least. The app integration is a great touch as well and just like connecting the WeMo Maker to your wireless network, it’s incredibly simple to set up on your smart phone or tablet.

Amazing support for IFTTT coding that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: IF this, then that. Some of the easiest coding in my opinion.

The app is very useful when it comes to commutation with the WeMo Maker, simple clicks of a button to turn it on or off, even creating customized automation rules and schedules to fit your personal preferences is easy for anyone with this app.

Now it is only for low power devices so there are quite a few options to choose from in the low-voltage/amp range.

For example you can, create a trigger to open the pet door for your dog at sunrise or when you log out of your work email for the day and even connect it into a fully automatic 25rd belt fed NERF gun. With WeMo and IFTTT, your imagination is your only limit.

If you a DIY’er and have some background in simple programming and electrical design then this is the device for you.


Very little to no documentation on using this device and its supported outputs.

Very low voltage/amp devices are supported, it really could use some high-capacity output.

Pricy for what you are getting

Another reviewer mentioned this but the app is definitely flaky. It was very easy to set up but after the initial setup and power down, I couldn’t get my Nexus 7 (2013) tablet to reconnect back to the device. I had to reboot the WeMo three times for it to connect back to my tablet. Same thing for my phone.


Relay connections   24 V at 1 amp max (Good for one raspberry pi)

Sensor connections 5 DC at 100 mA max

This next part was confusing for me

[Powered by: WeMo Maker™ PSU: 5 V 100 mA max The maker receives its power from an outboard 5 V DC @ 2.1 A PSU via a micro USB connection. ]

Though on the USB PSU you get and Maker power input both are labeled with 5V 1AMP so does it only support 5V 100mA max ,5V 1AMP max or 5V 2.1AMP max? 5V 1AMP works great for me.

It can only control one device at a time. Which when you like to tinker with things this is a bummer. I would like to see the option for more than one device.



For tinkers and electrical hobbyist this is a fun little device. Though price tag and flaky app/Maker wireless connection is a really bummer.   Price is defiantly a little high considering I can pick up a small wireless arduino uno and case for cheaper than this and it could control multiple devices.

You will need to do some research before you buy one of these, as Volt/AMP support is tiny and the fact that you can control only one device is also a bummer.

Belkin you made a good product but there are definitely some flaws that should be addressed. And your documentation really really really needs to be improved at least give two or three quick tutorials for setting up common questions, such as lights, door locks, temperature sensors…etc. These quick like how-tos would greatly help anyone who is not a tinker and would like to get involved with electronics.

All in all I do really like this WeMo Maker but it does have its flaws and can be quite a bother.


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