Seagate Backup Plus For Mac

seagate_backup_plusSeagate Backup Plus for Mac and Windows


The Backup Plus portable drive for Mac from Seagate is the simple way to protect and share your entire digital life—without getting in the way of the rest of your life.

  • Mac OS and Time-Machine® ready out of the box
  • Automatically save photos from your social networks
  • Share photos and video to social networks with a click
  • Easily increase transfer speeds by upgrading to Thunderbolt™ technology
  • compatible with Windows using our HFS+ Driver



For this article I will be going over the Seagate Backup Plus for Mac.  This is small compact HDD with a terabyte of storage (930Gb usable) that you can take almost anywhere. And with USB 3.0 speeds you can transfer and store your data on this drive with lighting speed.

What’s in the Box!

Inside the box you will find your typical accessories.

  • Seagate Backup Plus drive
  • Seagate Dashboard pre-loaded on drive (And some other worthless data files)
  • 18-inch USB 3.0 cable
  • Quick start guide
  • 2-year limited warranty

Does it work with Mac?

Sure….I dont have a Mac, I run Windows for most desktops and Red hat Linux for all my servers. Its built for Mac so there really should be any issue with it being plug and play with a Mac.

Does it work with Windows?

Yes it does but you will need to download the HFS+ driver from Seagate in order to use the external HDD. You can download the driver here. Once you download this driver you will need to launch the installer and restart your computer.  Ya you need to restart your computer to have an external HDD driver work.  There is no plug and play with this HDD for windows.  Well let me clarify that there is plug and play after you run through the initial setup steps.

First Use, requires some first steps:

Once you install the HFS+ driver and restart you computer the Seagate Backup Plus will show up on your system as a usable drive.  Though when I clicked into this drive I was a little horrified by the amount of junk and worthless material in the drive. There was a damaged install for the Backup Dashboard and a undamaged version of it as well. Guess Seagate didn’t feel the need to remove this before shipping it out to consumers.  Also Seagate, I understand the idea of putting in videos showing users how to work with the backup dashboard, but my god do the videos have to be such poor quality!  320x180x is barely readable and not to mention that the videos as is take up almost 400mb of space of the driver due to the fact that each video is in 8 different languages.

Though I can’t really complain too much as its my standard operating procedure to just factory wipe devices that come straight from the factory and Seagate has the right to promote their product. But Seagate if you ever read this please take another look at the amount and type of files you put onto your external drives.

So I just went ahead and formated the entire drive to wipe out and clean the bloated junk that I was never going to use.  Also if I ever wanted to get them back its as easy as going to their website and downloading them again.


The dashboard itself is very easy to use and has some interesting features that can be useful for some people. Take a look that the pictures below for installing and using the dashboard to back up your important files.

Speed Transfers:

Speed transfers can vary according to the type and format of the file  you are transferring. For example one 4.0Gb DVD movie transferred at 40Mbs while a 4.0Gb folder with pictures and documents in it transferred around 25Mbs.  Now this does not mean that the drive is bad or slow.  This just means a computer can transfer one file faster than it can with a 1000 images.


All in all I like this external drive.  Now with that being said I wouldn’t say this is the best external drive in the world and the bloated features that come with the Seagate Backup Plus are not something to be mess around with and more or less with just give you hassle in the long run. Its best just to wipe the drive and start with a truly new and ready to use external drive. Though once you format the drive its will work prefect for storing files and keeping important information safe.

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