D-Link DCS-5009L Review


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Lets start our review with a simple overview of what you should expect when you are ordering and unboxing a D-Link DCS-5009L.

Unboxing the camera you will find a 10+Ft power and Ethernet cable along with some screws and a bracket for mounting the camera to a surface. And as always you will find some warranty information and quick install/user manuals and the camera itself.

The D-Link is an indoor IP-based camera that supports both wireless N and 10/100Mbps wired connections. So I wouldn’t recommend using this device outside as it will not last very long.

FCC Class B | CE | CE LV D | C-Tick

Now lets take a closer look at the wireless camera.  The D-Link DCS-5009L supports a wide range of options and features including: PTZ (Pan,Tilt,Zoom), Motion Detection Alerts, Night Vision, Remote Viewing and a very very simple setup process. Meaning it’s very DIY based with not hidden fees or monthly charges to use this devices.

 Web Interface:

After plugging in the IP-Camera to your home network either via wireless or the supplied Ethernet cable you can navigate to its web UI by going to its IP address.  For this step you will need to hop into your router and locate the device. Or you can use the WDS feature the camera supports which I personally will never use as I will never use wireless with a device like this due to security concerns.

After locating the IP address you can head into the web UI.  Be sure you have java installed onto your computer or you will not be able to view the live camera feed. Speaking of Java there is strike one for this camera.  Java is defiantly not a secure language, and new exploits are found in java on a daily basis. Once inside the interface you will notice it is very straight forward with what you can do.

Web UI Sections
Live Video | Setup | Maintenance | Status | Help

Live video does just like it says, it allows you to view a live video feed from the camera. You can also use the built-in PTZ controls to move the view angle around to see new areas.  Keep in mind this is not a 360 rotation device so you only can go about 180 in either direction.  Now with most consumer grade IP-Cameras you will need to watch out for their flashy features and wording, as most are just bs.  And this is no exception the video quality is poor at best and the digital zoom is all but worthless.  As using the digital zoom on the 5009L will essentially cause the video feed to become a blurry pixelated mess. Camera viewing distance is about 10-20ft at best before image becomes useless.

Supported resolutions are

160X112 at 30FPs (100% Worthless)

320X240 at 30Fps (60% Worthless)

640X480 at 15Fps (Decent till 20Ft)

After getting past the video quality you can move on to the built-in mic.  Now you can’t expect much from a built-in mic like this so I can’t diss it that much, but all in all it does its job.

You can also configure Motion detection which is nice so you wont get alerts if its windy outside and your camera trips on a blowing branch. As well as the motion detection you can configure mail alerts and FTP uploads. Both of which I will highly suggest you be very careful with.  This device is not the most secure thing in the world and all communications to and from this device are unencrypted meaning anything sniffing on your network can very easily intercept its communications.

Though a few thing that are good about this device is the fact that you can change its listening port and set camera positions for quick navigation.  So instead of the default port 80 and can change it to anything you want (Kinda, look up non-reserved ports before you just go around changing its port#), and after you change the port number you will need to add that into the web address that you type in.

Example: <–(1436 being the port#)

Now PTZ positions are very helpful when trying to switch viewing angles. Instead of clicking the left arrow 20times to go all the way to the left you can select a position you can customize and the camera will go right to that set position.

Another feature I like is the ability to setup users, but one thing I really wish is they would have had the ability to change the default admin user name.  Tiny changes like this can only help when it comes to security.

 Over All Thoughts:

Sorry D-Link but I wouldn’t recommend this to any home users and absolutely 100% will never recommend this device for small business use. 2014 was a terrible year for cyber security with new and very dangerous exploits and bugs being discovered that caused massive amounts of harm and damage.

This is a decent device with decent features but when I can open up wireshark and watch everything going to and from this device I don’t really want this on my network, in fact there are sites out there right now that display hundreds of thousands of insecure IP-camers, all thanks to people not changing the default password.

Seriously people when strangers can see your baby in its crib you need take the time and understand the technology you are using to protect your home.  Companies may say your equipment is secure but im telling you right now it’s not! Education is your best defense here, you don’t need to be an expert with technology to secure your home, but when its comes to building up security for your home it can mean a world of difference by just changing your password.

Heres an interesting article talking about just this.



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