Increase FSRM Search Limitations

Increase FSRM Search Limitations



By default FSRM has some search limitations varying from 10 to 1000 files on a system.  I needed to remedy this issue so that I could search a huge file structure and view all the files it contained rather than the first 10 or 1000. So to start off let’s get a general understanding of some the of search limitations that FSRM has set by default.


Useful information especially if your new to FSRM and are trying to decipher some of the cloudy errors it outputs. Keep in mind as well all these search options above can be change at will.

Default Values for FSRM:


How to Change Search Limitations:

To start off you will first need to open PowerShell as an administrator.


Next run the following command to increase the max files per property value.  This command will enable a report to contain up to 1 million files.

Set-FsrmSetting –ReportLimitMaxFilesPerPropertyValue 1000000 –PassThru

After running this command PowerShell will output a summary of the current FSRM parameter values.ReportLimits5.jpg-550x0

Parameter Name translations:

Reporting Limit Constant Name

Parameter Name

FsrmReportLimit_MaxFiles ReportLimitMaxFile
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFileGroups ReportLimitMaxFileGroup
FsrmReportLimit_MaxOwners ReportLimitMaxOwner
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFilesPerFileGroup ReportLimitMaxFilesPerFileGroup
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFilesPerOwner ReportLimitMaxFilesPerOwner
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFilesPerDuplGroup ReportLimitMaxFilesPerDuplicateGroup
FsrmReportLimit_MaxDuplicateGroups ReportLimitMaxDuplicateGroup
FsrmReportLimit_MaxQuotas ReportLimitMaxQuota
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFileScreenEvents ReportLimitMaxFilesScreenEvent
FsrmReportLimit_MaxPropertyValues ReportLimitMaxPropertyValue
FsrmReportLimit_MaxFilesPerPropertyValue ReportLimitMaxFilesPerPropertyValue

Replace the parameter name with the one you wish to change, and what will happen is that the FSRM API is being called from PowerShell cmdlets which in turn provides a new value

Issue the new command in the PowerShell command window to match the structure:

Set-FsrmSetting – –PassThru


Once you have executed a command successfully, you should see a new summary of active FSRM Reporting Constants displayed with your new value associated to the parameter you specified.   If you got an error message instead, it’s likely you misspelled some part of the command or parameters, supplied an invalid value, or do not have the appropriate privileges to execute FSRM commands. So I hope this quick overview on how to increase FSRM storage search limitations was helpful.

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