Enable Last Accessed Time for NTFS Files

Enable Last Accessed Time for NTFS Files



While recently working with FSRM reporting tools on a new server 2012 instance I received an error when running a FSRM report with the option to search for “Least Recently Accessed File” against a directory structure. To be a little more specific I received this error when opening the “Dhtml” FSRM report log.

So after doing a quick Google searching I was able to come across a technet article about this exact same issue.

FSRM Error

This File Server is currently configured not to track last access time for files, therefore the last access time might be inaccurate for some or all files on the NTFS volumes.To fix this issue you need to enable some registry settings



To fix this issue to open “regedit” and navigate to


Find the “NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate” key and change the D-word from 1 to 0 to enable.



And really its as simple as that, once you change over this registry setting that error you saw every time you opened a least accessed file report from FSRM will be gone.


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