Corsair M65 RGB Gaming Mouse

Corsair M65 RGB Gaming Mouse Review


First off aesthetically, this mouse is perfect: from the box it came in, to braided USB cable, and the solid and serious look of the M65 mouse in general. Its my opinion that Corsair took a lot of pride in this mouse and the overall build of it.  Right out of the gate, this mouse came in some really nice packaging. Now I know most people really couldn’t care less about the packaging but let’s be honest here, you will appreciate a product more with an amazing packaging then one that comes in some standard brown box.

Mouse Features

Moving on to the actual mouse now, this mouse has some serious features.  Featuring three customizable areas that support up to 16.8M colors and a very high-grade DPI laser sensor. This gaming mouse optimizes scrolling with rubberized scroll wheel that works perfectly, and a side “sniper” button for those really serious times. Though the one thing I am very impressed with is the solid weight-tuned aluminum base. Seriously this mouse has a solid aluminum base and frame.

The overall feel of this mouse is great as well, apart from the solid aluminum base and glide pads the mouse has a great rough rubber feel to it.  The first time I used it, I really couldn’t believe how nice it was.  It just felt perfect. One thing I found very interesting was the fact that the mouse had metal weights in the bottom of the mouse.  Now I really am kinda of skeptical about his part.  Its cool but I really don’t see anyone using or customizing theses weights. Maybe just to play around with but I feel like talking about weights in my mouse is a little to nerdy.


The lighting with this mouse is another great feature that I like  a lot.  It give you three areas that you can change with Corsair’s CUE software (Corsair Utility Engine).  Though one thing that I did notice with this mouse was that sometime when the software is not running or you plugged the mouse into another USB port the mouse defaults back to standard lighting.  Slightly annoying since it does have built-in memory. Granted you wont be switching USB ports with this very often, least I don’t know anyone who switches USB ports for their mouse or keyboard.


Another thing that I noticed with this mouse was screen locking.  Meaning quite frequently now when ever I move this mouse around my three screens it would suddenly stop and get stuck on that screen. I would have to wiggle the mouse a few times for the mouse to carry over to the next screen.  This is on a windows 8.1 64-bit system, I was able to test on other systems so I can’t be 100% that this is just an issue that might be specific to my machine. Either way this is a very annoying issue.

Overall though I really like this mouse, it has an amazing feel looks absolutely stunning. Other than a few minor issue this is a great mouse that will give you that new edge you have been looking for in a mouse.


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