DEEPCOOL Steam Castle Case Review

DeepCool Steam Castle Case Review



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Introduction to the Steam Castle Case by DeepCool:

I was very excited when I got a chance to review and test out this case.  It was one of the first cases that I had ever had with a design layout like this.  Though lets start from the beginning before I go to far off track.

The case came packaged in your typical recycled cardboard box, with some foam packaging for extra reinforcement on the inside.  Most people really don’t care too much for knowing what type of packaging comes in a product but to me supplying the right type of packaging with a product tells me a lot about the company. It shows that they do care and are willing to spend a little extra money to ensure that their products reaches their client in a ready-to-use manner.  I really couldn’t tell you how many times I would get a product from a company and open it up and go “really!” There shouldn’t be a reason to skimp on packaging, but I digress.

Steam Castle Case Specifications:


Package Contents:

Once you get past the over all excited urge to just tear everything apart you can finally get to some of the contents of the Steam Castle Case.  Just like all cases or products you get your owner’s manual, some zip ties, a case speaker and a random assortment of case screws and standoffs



External Look and Overall Feel:

Right away I can tell this case is going to be a hit with the modding community.  I myself have never really done any heavy modding and customizing to a case before, but this case just screams mod me. Check out some the pictures below that I found that some people have already do with this case.

The overall look and feel of this case is surprisingly good.  I was a little puzzled at first when I saw that the top,front and bottom of the case was a hardened plastic, but after playing around with them for a bit they turned out to be very sturdy and I can see them taking some damage before they broke.  One thing is for sure though, is that this case has a look that sets it apart from most cases out there today.

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Internal Look and Overall Feel:

Just like the outside of the case, I was just impressed with the inside of the case.  Everything has a nice  rubber coating over it.  It provides a nice grip and wont leave any unappealing finger prints when your friends are looking through the acrylic window.

Though I was a little confused about the 3.5″ drive bay right below the 5.25″ drive bay.  The front of the case clearly doesn’t have an opening for a 3.5″ bay so why would they put this here?  Your guess is really as good as mine but if you want to take it off, it’s just three screws and it comes right out.  I could possibly see the 3.5″bay interfering with some longer/taller graphics cards but that is not likely to happen, since most people who buy cards like that usually do their homework.  I still can’t get over that 3.5″drive bay like why is it there!!!!!

Moving on you will see a nice 200mm fan at the front of the case that is more than enough to cool down this case.  It does have the mounting holes for 120-140mm fans as well.  At the back of the case you will see the pre-installed 120mm fan for pumping out hot air. With 2 options at the top of the case for 2 120-140mm fans or a 240mm water cooler.

Next you see the horizontal mounting for the motherboard which in my opinion is one of the best ways to mount a motherboard, but that is always up for debate.  Below the motherboard plate, you will see two 3.5″drive bays in the front, with 2 2.5″drive bays in the back for SSD’s. Moving back a bit you’ll some nice shock absorbers for the power supply with some venting holes that allow the power supply to draw air through the bottom of the case.  Nice feature as well is that there is a filter that easily slides in and out on the bottom of the case for the power supply.

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Case Covers:

Both the case covers come off incredibly easy which can allow for easy install or movement of fans, cables and installation of 5.25″drive bays or any other components.  The top cover which looks like it can hold some 80mm fans in fact holds some nice RGB LED’s that give your case an awesome look at night! I think can see some modders adding support for some fans here in the future, but right now its fine that they just hold the RGB LEDs.  And never fear as they is still plenty of openings for air to escape or be drawn in through this top cover.

The right side panel as you’re looking head on at the case, holds the: Fan speed Controller, Power, Reset, two 3.5mm jacks, two 3.0 and two 2.0 USB ports.  While the left side panel has a nice clear acrylic window.

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Overall this is a very nice case bu DeepCool.  I can see some overclockers, modders, and just general consumers, wanting this case.  It has some great features both ascetically and functionally.  It’s not to pricy running in at around $100.00.  Though for a HTPC or LAN party computer I can see this being very handy. All in all great job DeepCool keep up the good work!








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